InKline Global Website Review & Ratings + inKline Global Coupons
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InKline Global Website Review & Ratings + inKline Global Coupons

inKline Global: Products & Services

inKline Global, Inc. is a software development company that specializes in solutions aimed at making a user’s experience with their computer stress free. Their popular PC Booster solution has been proven to accelerate the speed of a PC in minutes with a before and after picture for a clear and practical view and feel of the difference. Their Modem Booster is said to be able to increase a modem’s speed by up to a remarkable 300%. This means faster download speeds, clearer streaming of video content and an overall smoother experience when a user is connected to the Internet. Further information on their solutions can be found on their official website.

inKline Global: Company Background

The company was founded in 1993 by its current CEO, Bok Nan Lo who was at the time working in Silicon Valley. The company started out as a one-product company but has since grown to produce a wide range of innovative products and services. With its wide array of quality products, the company has been able to acquire customers from over 130 countries across the globe including Kenya, the US, Australia, Germany and Bolivia. inKline Global’s CEO stated on their official website, “In our customer’s eyes, inKline Global stands for quality, innovation and a sense of fun.” The company is based in Carson City, Nevada, USA.

inKline Global: Customer Feedback & Reviews

A review by a customer on their official website on the PC Booster product stated, “Everything was done with one click of a mouse and the Auto Tune Up did everything for me!” Another user who has used the same product for the past 5 years stated that the software “boosts their PC like a charm.” Unfortunately the company has received quite a bit of negative press on various online forums and reviews.  On the Ripoff Report website, there are a surprising 9 reports filed against inKline Global with users raising issues on double charges and non-functioning software. Several other users on a similar website felt that inKline Global’s products don’t deliver what they promise. One user claimed that the heavily acclaimed PC Booster actually did the opposite to their computer by slowing it down. Another user claimed that the PCShowBizz software simply did not work and that the support team was not helpful once the issue was raised.

inKline Global: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Though inKline Global does not have a BBB rating, the company has received numerous awards since its inception including 5-stars from CNET, CNET Power Downloader’s Pick, Editor’s Choice from PC Magazine, Icon Shareware 5 Star Editors’ Pick Award, the File Transit 5 Star Rating Award to name a few. Nonetheless, the number of complaints raised against the company and its products are a point of concern.

inKline Global: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

inKline Global’s website is not tremendously popular as it has a modest global Alexa ranking of 44,987 with about 33% of its visitors located in Indonesia. A majority of these are males who are over 65 years old. On Google Page Rank, the site scored 5 out of a possible 10 points, which is relatively good.

inKline Global: Social Media Presence

While inKline Global is not very active on social media, they do have accounts on the most popular social media platforms. Their Facebook page currently has 4,257 fans while their Twitter handle has only 9 followers. Their YouTube channel, which has 67 subscribers currently, has gained a total of 367,168 video views. This channel has been up since 2007. inKline also has a LinkedIn account which currently has no followers.

inKline Global: Website Security & Safety

Based on a Google Safe Browsing test carried out on the site, the site is considered safe and has not been involved in any malicious activity. Ordering of products is also carried out via a secure (https://) connection and credit card billing addresses are verified by inKline Global for the security of their customers.

inKline Global: Pricing & Packages

inKline Global’s products are fairly priced with the most expensive product retailing at $39.95 and the lowest priced item retailing at $9.95. A product that is similar to their PC Booster is the Max PC Booster which has fairly similar features but retails at $39.99 on CNET while PC Booster can be purchased at $29.95 off the inKline Global website.

inKline Global: Shipping Rates & Policies

Customers can choose to either download the software they’d like to purchase or have a free CD-ROM delivered to them physically. The CD is usually sent out via normal mail within 24 hours of order receipt. While the CD is free, a customer will be charged for shipping and handling.

inKline Global: Payment Methods Accepted

Customers can make purchases for inKline Global products through their online store by credit or debit card or through fax, money order or postal purchase. Purchases via credit card are carried out through a secure order form on the website. This is the preferred purchase option by inKline Global. All products are sold in USD.

inKline Global: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

inKline Global offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. To obtain a refund from inKline Global, a customer is required to send a copy of their invoice and the completed refund request form either through fax, email or post. The refunds are confirmed within 2 business days for fax or email requests. Requests made via post take 2 weeks to be confirmed. Refund processing will take at least one week to reflect on a customer’s credit card statement. Refunds cannot be processed 60 days after purchase as this will mean that a customer’s 60-day money back guarantee period will have expired. If such a situation arises, inKline Global allows a customer to exchange their product for another of their choice.

Again, another concern is the number of complaints from customers around the world on inKline Global’s failure to refund certain monies based on various reasons mainly centered on nonperformance of software.

inKline Global: Product images & screenshots
inKline Global Coupons
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